New Music From Denver’s Best Band: The Fray

Hometown band The Fray, started by Denver natives and schoolmates in 2002, has new music that both longtime fans and first-time listeners are sure to enjoy.

The Fray’s highly anticipated third album, Scars and Stories, was released in February 2012. The album debuted at 4 on the Billboard music charts, and the lead single “Heartbeat” and several follow-up singles were huge hits, demonstrating The Fray’s massive popularity.

As of June 2013, The Fray are hard at work on their upcoming fourth studio album, which is currently untitled. The band plans for the album to more

The Fray: Arguably The Best Band From Denver

Formed in 2002, Denver, the Colorado-based musical group known as “The Fray” has become a cultural icon and, arguably, the best band to have come out of the city, and for that matter, the state itself.

The group broke through in 2005, when their now double-platinum album was released, sending two songs to the mainstream consciousness of the world. “Over My Head (Cable Car)” and its follow-up, “How to Save a Life,” brought the group, quickly, into the fold of popular music. The latter of the two would, eventually, become synonymous with more

Colorado Symphony Orchestra: Classical Music From Professionals

The Colorado Symphony Orchestra recently announced its upcoming season. The 2013 – 2014 CSO opening night will feature saxophonist Branford Marsalis under the direction of Grammy-awarding conductor Andrew Litton. The season’s repertoire is quite diverse with jazz, classical, Broadway and movie music guaranteed to delight audiences. Selections from Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Vaughan Williams, Brahms, Mozart and Mahler offer a wide variety for classical music fans. Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess, selections from Frank Sinatra, music from Les Misrables and music from film offer a lighter more

Denver Music Venues

Colorado has some pretty incredible music venues if you know where to look in Denver – lucky for you we have a list right here. So pay the bills, put on some clothes, maybe comb your hair, finish researching home security in Denver or whatever else you’re doing and get ready to have the time of your life. We’re counting down the top music venues you can find in Denver. So get out and get in.

1. Herman’s Hideaway
Herman’s has hosted over 25,000 bands in its 25 year history and it doesn’t look to be losing any steam in the years to come. The crowd is casual and friendly but be warned – if you’re gonna step into Herman’s you better be ready for a good time.

2. Hi-Dive
Originally opened back in 2003, the Hi-Dive has become one of the more important and influential venues in the Denver music scene.

3. Fillmore Auditorium
Massive and spectacular in both presentation and overall size, the Fillmore Auditorium has been the host to a large number of famous musical acts including Bob Dylan and David Bowie.

4. The Ogden Theatre
Built in 1919, the Ogden Theatre is no stranger to musical acts and while the names and faces might have changed, the spirit certainly hasn’t.

Red Rocks: The Best Place to Showcase Musical Talent

The Red Rocks located in Morrison, Colorado, is one of the finest venues for performers all over the world. This amazing amphitheater coupled with the beauty of Colorado makes for a very enjoyable viewing experience. The sound quality is fantastic at Red Rocks and is therefore a great place to watch performers play their greatest songs. When watching a performance at the Red Rocks, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful viewing experience.

The Red Rocks is the best place to showcase musical talent because of the tremendous more

Red Rocks: Rocking Denver Since 1906

Red Rocks Park is part jaw-dropping, geological marvel, and half historic rock and roll venue. It is a fusion of natural wonder and man-made tremble and bass. It is perhaps the ideal setting for a music gig, as the red sandstone boulders are other-worldly and majestic, the perfect props for rock and roll transcendence. Red
Rocks Park is a mountain park in Colorado that is owned and operated by the city of Denver. The Red Rocks Amphitheater has been holding concerts and other events for more

Red Rocks: Venue For The Best Music

The live music experience is something to be truly enjoyed. There is nothing better than a spectacular venue with tremendous sound and acoustics. Red Rocks is the ultimate venue. When it comes to impressive visuals it does not get more impressive than this venue. This location which has held many historical performances and concerts is literally in between mountain ranges. The scenery around the venue is visually spectacular there is nothing more outstanding than the rock outcropping all more

Red Rocks: The Place Where The Great Musicians Play

There is no other American venue that has the notoriety of Red Rocks Amphitheater. Nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and surrounded with natural wonder and beauty, Red Rocks has been host to American legends and international superstars. Even after a riot during a Jethro Tull performance in 1971, the ensuing five-year rock music ban brought unforgettable performances by mellow melody makers like John Denver, The Carpenters, Seals & Croft, and Carole King.

Getty Lee said of the venue “it’s one of the most beautiful anywhere,” more